Your specialist in the "lifts" and restore sagging floors with cellular concrete 

When a concrete floor is sagging is often thought to be renovated: demolition, piling, new concrete floor or possibly a new screed. But subsidence can be solved without high costs and much inconvenience. Namely through the unique floor elevator system Fagro; The solution for sagging concrete floors.

  • warehouses
  • distribution and logistics centers
  • storage and production halls
  • halls and greenhouses in the glass,   garden and farming
  • yard pavements
  • road construction
  • conservatories, sheds, et al
  • no demolition and construction work
  • low costs
  • no unnecessary evacuation
  • minimal business downtime through rapid implementation
  • quickly taxable floor
  • clean: no waste and dust
  • environmentally friendly materials and fully recyclable
  • not expanding material (not of her art)
  • lifetime warranty on the Celbeton


  • Inoculating voids
  • Inoculating crawl spaces to improve insulation and expelling moisture
  • Cellular concrete is also used as an alternative foundation material for buildings and new construction. (Instead of piles, additional thermal insulation, et al)


Some major projects include another

  • Work on the glass and horticulture 
  • Work for a large distribution: It was a floor of around 15,000 m2 with a settlement between 1.5 and 10 cm. This floor is by Fagro "lifted" - including all statements in the hall

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